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The purpose of the Texas Small Farmers & Ranchers/CBO is to establish and maintain the integrity and survival of the historically unserved and underserved small farmers and ranchers in the STATE OF TEXAS by:
  • Being an advocate of change while focusing on the current conditions of the rural communities.
  • Providing a voice at local, state and national levels of government to bring equality to the historically under-represented small farmers and ranchers.
  • Providing information, education, training and addressing health needs to the historically unserved, underserved and other minorities in the rural communities.
  • Providing a voice for information, education, training, health needs, environment, etc.
  • Improving the quality of data provided by the Census of Agriculture to more accurately reflect the representation of minority farmers and ranchers.

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This is a community based non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides information and education on agricultural related issues.  We are dedicated to assisting traditionally underserved agricultural producers by establishing opportunities for developing agricultural markets, increasing technology transfer, providing educational programs, and improving environmental conditions in rural Texas.

Historically, small farmers and ranchers have been a diverse but fragmented group.  However, the Texas Small Farmers & Ranchers/Community Based Organization (CBO) views themselves as one unit with the same problems and goals.  We have come together to address public policy.

Small and underserved farmers and ranchers can effect change by their sheer numbers.  This is one reason why we have organized ourselves into local, state, regional, and national organizations.  Public policy can be effected when more of us get involved.  Our united effort is needed and should be promoted.

This CBO intends to be a driving force in forging partnerships with others, including government agencies and other entities.

The people themselves are the most important resource in community-based organizations.  So informing, training and educating people will have the highest priority and be an ongoing process.

The following excerpt was taken from the Keynote Speech of Ms. Tia Young, Director, Legislative Affairs, National Resource Conservation Service, Washington, D.C. at the First 100 Farmers Conference, August 5-7, 1998, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

"The last 50 years have been difficult for small farmers.  The federal, state, and local government have not helped the small farmer.  Some of you have been in hell as it were, but don't stay there.  Take your anger and disappointment and recycle them into positive energy.  Building capacity in community-based organizations and how to move legislation through the system are of optimum importance.  I urge the creation of unified community-based organizations....

"It is imperative that small and underserved farmers are at the table when decisions are made.  It takes a strong power base to build community-based organizations.  In the Bible book of Genesis, Jacob wrestled all night with an angel until the angel blessed him.  The lesson is that we should not let go until we get what we want......"

2006 GLCI Conference, St Louis, MO
G Watson, J Clebourn, R Mills, W Ross, L Young

This website is dedicated
to the memory of

Julius W. Clebourn
Chairman of SE Texas Small Farmers & Ranchers CBO - 2001 - 2007
Chairman of TSFR/CBO - Region 2 - 2005 - 2007